Kar2ouche – Secondary Toolkit (Site Licence)


Kar2ouche – Secondary Tookit Bundle


Kar2ouche: Secondary Toolkit (Site Licence) 

Students in the classroom or at home can compose multi-media role-plays, storyboards, movies and animations onscreen in minutes using drag and drop commands. Each title comes with a themed library of resources including characters, sounds, backgrounds, props and a comprehensive Teacher Support Pack. They can:

  • compose pictures, storyboards, animations, publications or movies by adding characters, backgrounds and props
  • record voices and add sound effects
  • create and import images
  • share work as QuickTime movies or editable Kar2ouche files.

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Encourages creative self-expression.
  • Engages learners to develop narration and storytelling.
  • Fuels collaboration, peer discussion and debate.
  • Stimulates an interest in writing.
  • Offers teachers a canvas for almost any lesson topic across the curriculum.

Bundle Includes 33 titles.

Each title includes activities and storyboards for the associated subject.

NB. Purchasing this product will provide you with download links to each of the products in the bundle, your product keys will be sent via email.

Titles in this bundle include:

  1. Bullying
  2. Clique Francais
  3. Compose
  4. Criminal Law
  5. Developing French
  6. Developing Spanish
  7. Drug Awareness
  8. Earth and the Universe
  9. Electricity and Forces
  10. Elements and Atoms
  11. Environment
  12. Finance
  13. Functional Literacy
  14. Hamlet
  15. Health and Disease
  16. Improving Writing
  17. In2Arts: Opera
  18. Learning from Religion
  19. Macbeth
  20. Midsummer Nights Dream
  21. Moving On
  22. Much Ado
  23. Natural Selection
  24. Normans
  25. Political Awareness
  26. Rehearsal Room
  27. Respecting Diversity
  28. Romeo and Juliet
  29. Sex and Relationships
  30. Tam O’ Shanter
  31. Twelfth Night
  32. World War One