This page holds additional resources for the MissionMaker software.

Where noted, these are the same resources made available through the DLC donation button on Steam. These resources are available for free here but we’d really appreciate you buying them through the Steam page as they’ll help us to continue development of the software.


Steam Donation DLC 1: Tier 1 – Teacher resources pack

Available Here, this pack includes

  1. MACBETH VIDEOGAME¬†TEACHER RESOURCESIn this link, you’ll find the following:

    1. A video capture of a demonstration game made with the software, showing the battle between Macbeth and Macduff from the point of view of one of the witches.
    This can give you and your students a sense of what kind of game can be made.

    2. A video of “how to make a game”. This shows the processes of game design with Missionmaker. Again, to show you and your students how the game-making process goes.

    3. A Teacher Introduction, written by James Durran, English Adviser for North Yorkshire. This gives suggestions for how to teach Macbeth using the game designing activity.

    4. A User guide. This gives an introduction to the basic functions of the software. Nobody likes ploughing through a user guide – but it can get you and your students started.
    Also they can refer to specific pages for particular functions if they get stuck.
    The user guide is based on the PC version of the software, but it should mostly work for the Mac version too, except for the keyboard and mouse functions which will be different.

    5. An introduction to Missionmaker: with some history, background, explanation of the main ideas behind it, some FAQs, and some links.


Steam Donation DLC 2: Tier 2 – Pre-Recorded Shakespeare Audio Clips

Coming soon, a selected range of audio clips. These clips feature voice actors performing selected lines from Macbeth.