Welcome to the MissionMaker Macbeth Game Making Competition!

Thank you for taking part in our competition. You will receive an email at the email address you entered on the form, with details on how to submit your games for the competition, and a link back to this page in case you need to find it again.

Our judges are really looking forward to seeing what you make with the software!

The Rules:

  1. You’re making a game using the MissionMaker Macbeth software available free, through a link in the resources section on this page.
  2. Your game must contain your MissionMaker save file and any custom media zipped into a single file.
  3. Your game must be submitted before the final submission deadline (shown below)
  4. Your game needs to be about Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in some way. Remember you can make the game from any character’s perspective, or you could add scenes, to the original play. It needs to be about Macbeth but we’re really more interested in how you interpret the play, so feel free to go a bit wild!
  1. The submitted game must be chosen from games made by a whole class (see “Suggestions and Advice” below)
  2. The class teacher and the class must complete our brief survey after using the software (see “Survey Links” below).


Games will be judged on the following criteria:

The games will be judged by an expert panel, including Sarah Ellis, Dr Erin Sullivan, Florence Kemsley, James Durran, Dr Jane Coles, and Tanya Kirk. The criteria will be:

  • Imaginative interpretations of Macbeth
  • Quality of game-play
  • Quality of storytelling

Important Dates:

The competition runs from 22nd March 2019 to the 24th May 2019.

The final submission deadline is: midnight, 24th May, 2019.

and winners will be announced by:  28th June, 2019.

Prizes will be given to the school with the best games. A selection of the submissions will also be demonstrated at a showcase in London, and winners will be announced on our website and through twitter! @MAGiCAL_UCL

The prizes are:

Prizes will be given to the school associated with the winning submission, and can be spent as the school wishes.

1st Place: £500 Amazon Gift Vouchers

2nd Place: £300 Amazon Gift Vouchers

3rd Place: £200 Amazon Gift Vouchers


Suggestions and advice:

We’re keen to know how this game-making tool works with a class, and what they might learn. So we suggest you try it for at least one lesson with a whole group, then choose a small group, pair or individual to continue to make the game you submit for your school, either in lessons, after school, or even at home. Or you might want to run it as a class or even school competition.


Teacher’s Guide

Please download the  <Teacher’s Guide> for teacher resources. We recommend this if you’re stuck for ideas on how to use MissionMaker in a classroom setting.

User Guide

The <User Guide> contains information on how to use MissionMaker, the basic controls, and how to construct simple rules.

Software Link

Please download MissionMaker – Macbeth for <PC> or <MAC>. This software will run from any location on your hard drive.

For PC: Unzip the contents to a folder and double click the .exe file to run,

For Mac: Extract the contents of the zip file and run the .app mac file.

NB: Some antivirus programs incorrectly flag the software as unsafe, UCL guarantees the software is not malicious.

Survey Links

When you submit your game for the competition you will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate survey links.

We would like to encourage students who aren’t submitting to the competition to complete the survey. This will help us to improve the software for future users.

Teacher survey: https://redcap.slms.ucl.ac.uk/surveys/?s=PC47CYPEM7

Student survey: https://redcap.slms.ucl.ac.uk/surveys/?s=MEJNPYPR87

We’re really looking forward to playing all your games, and if you have any questions please feel free to email us at: support@magicalprojects.co.uk

Good luck!